Jeff Wood

Jeff's work has taken him from New Zealand to The UK and almost every place in between, crafting beautiful narratives and experiences across a wide range of disciplines.

As a creative director Jeff was instrumental in developing the brand for iconic New Zealand vodka company 42 Below, before moving to London and helping to launch boutique digital agency The Rumpus Room. This saw him working on brands as diverse as Selfridges and The Pet Shop Boys, and creating work that received a Gold Lion at Cannes.

As a director Jeff’s work has a beautiful handmade quality, full of rich textures and distinctive quirks. His style works to effortlessly draw together seemingly disparate elements, creating unique visions that have a distinctive, playful quality.

This same sense of fun bleeds into his work as a photographer. Whether it’s a child waiting for their dinner in Titirangi, or a carousel in Weston Super Mare, Jeff’s pictures crackle with an authentic human energy, beautifully exploring the surreal and the sublime of everyday life.

Awards include: Best Design, Silver One Show, Bronze Spikes, British Design Museum Top 100 List, both a film finalist and a Gold Lion.