Production Services

Flying Fish has a long standing and excellent reputation for facilitating production in the region. With projects for numerous major international clients we provide exceptional service. Some of our clients include: MJZ, Stink, Iconoclast, Pretty Bird, Henry, CZAR, SMUGGLER, Rogue, Rocket, Rattling Stick, The Mill, The Cavalry, Psyop, Another Film Company, Anorak, Knucklehead, Bacon, Caviar, Jimmy Lee, m ss ng p eces, JOY, Markenfilm, Mili Films, O2 Films, Prodigious, 1st Ave Machine, Gorgeous, Blink, Castadiva Pictures, Therapy, Bakery Films, GAP, @Radical, Mad Cow Films, Bandits, Gang Films, Bikini, Uitch Iscratch, VonFilm, Tony Petersen Film, John Spary & Associates, Mustard, Palladium, Phenomena, Pro Films, Pronto, Serious, Shooting gallery, White Label, Square Box, Wondros, Quiet Storm, Wunderfilm, Bully Films, Believe Media, Black Films, Amber Studios, Gameloft, Boomtown, Big Productions, Frenzy, FRIEND, Home Corp, Trouble Films, Little Lamb, Mindseye, Obvious, Radke, Corner Store, Chelsea, City Films. Workshop, World War Seven, Sky UK, Depo, Hochkantfilm, Partners, FilM Pudding, Warm&Fuzzy, Pogo, Galp, Gizzly, Fresh Film, Continental, Bubbles, Studio ORES, Cndy and quite a few more!

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Filming in New Zealand

Filming in New Zealand is easy. We've a great film infrastructure, which grows weekly and has been growing steadily for the last 15 years. Great technicians, great equipment and a great attitude.

Some of our clients include Stink, SONNY, Gorgeous Enterprises, Blink, Bakery Films, GAP, @Radical, Mad Cow Films, Bandits, Gang Films, Pysop, Bikini and Camp David to, of course, name just a few.

Within the two main islands of New Zealand there are an array of locations and environments equal to almost any part of the world. New Zealand's smallish size (an area only slightly larger than the U.K.) provides numerous locations and maximum film-making scope within a short distance, hence lowering transportation and travel time costs.

Location Pictures

New Zealand has varieties of landscape and cultures. With 30 years of local production experience, Flying Fish knows New Zealand very well.
Please contact us for pictures and location references for your project.